Friday, July 09, 2010


i feel like such a bad distro mistress (ha) lately. i am so behind on distro post. i think it's been already a month since i went to the post office (actually, three weeks) my excuses feel feeble; it's been too hot to cope with outside properly when i've had a day off, carl's been working full time in london so i haven't been able to send him to the post office, blah blah blah. i'm going tomorrow. even though it's apparently going to be even fucking hotter than before, and i also need to go to the printers, which i am REALLY not looking forward to. their large windows face the sun, uninterrupted and the copier i use is right by them. the place is fucking boiling, even when it's otherwise freezing, as long as it's sunny. i am so going to melt in there. but it has to be done. i've run out of YOUR PRETTY #10. and probably some other issues too, i really need to check.

i've been feeling a little low anyway. actually, since wednesday, really fucking low. i've sort of not taken my meds since my birthday. i ran out and i've been to useless to go to boots to get my prescription, and the last couple of days, i've also been to skint. yaye. the combo of unmedicated anxious madness and worrying about fucking money, always good. i've been trying to cheer myself up by buying things on the internet (i had money in my/our paypal, it's not the same/real money) hopefully some of it will turn up tomorrow. i think it might just work, once my stuff turns up. i need to write letters, and #11, and stories. i just keep re-writing the bit i scribbled on a piece of scrap paper at work on tuesday. sigh.


Hello Amber! said...

Oh hi, this entry sounds exactly like me. I'm actually in the midst of writing you a letter. Man, my print shop is super hot all the time too, I'm always shedding layers of clothing as I work. I am also putting off picking up a prescription. Even though the drugstore is three blocks away. Gah. You are like my overseas soulmate right now.

miss tukru said...

samixii! (finnish for.. sameys or something like that.)
i ended up not going to the printers cos i found some more copies of #10 in the bottom of a bag. next saturday instead. hopefully it will be cooler, it rained today, really really hard. it was beautiful. but it didn't rain while i was outdoors though :(
my local pharmacist is on my way home, i walk past it pretty much everyday. thats why it's so extra ridiculous.