Saturday, July 03, 2010


carl carrying the shopping home

sophie's dahl

sophie's dahl

carl made us lush dinner. lentils with roasted sweet potatoes & lemon rice, aka sophie's dahl. so fucking good. it was actually really nice and refreshing! quite a bit of effort, but so worth it. it's been a while since i've written about food. this may be cos it's been a while since either of us has done serious cooking. it's mostly been anything quick but nice, pasta, burgers, frozen pizza, again. carl's been working in london for almost two weeks now, still going back again on monday. i miss him, but i guess the money will come in handy. we've both been having sandwiches for lunch, it's really too warm to have anything warm anyway, and due to the whole pizza & burgers thing, there's not been leftovers anyway. work's been ok. too hot of course, but luckily i found some black i don't know what they are called, khakis i guess from primark that are knee lenght and quite cool temperature wise so i don't have to wear tights for my modesty's sake now, which is a relief. i hope it starts raining again soonish. i've been trying to work on #11, it's not really happening. i know what i want to write about and what about it, but it's hard cos i don't really want to think about it again.. but enough being cryptic about that. i also started writing my vampire story, sort of. that's easier. sort of. ha. a lot of sort ofs there. and i've been listening to the southern vampire mysteries audiobooks. fuck yes. i rather wish they had included bubba in the tv series (true blood is based on the books if you didn't know.) oh and i watched new moon the other day so i could legitemately hate on it cos i've actually seen it. i think i sprained my eyes from rolling them so much. blah, urgh. it just pisses me off so much. vampires that sparkle in sunlight? fuck off. and then there's that whole tragic romance with a chastity belt on bullshit. i'm not even going to go there. just no. sure, it was nicely filmed and stuff but the story.. no no no no no no nonon nononononoo. ok, that's it.

oh yeah, speaking of vampires, vampire sushi distro's got a few new zines again!

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