Monday, June 28, 2010


this is what i've been wearing for the past two days. it's too damn hot to wear real clothes. i did put on a skirt for the shops but that's it. thank fuck i had today off, and the same tomorrow. hopefully it'll get less stiffling asap. i'm really not looking forward to wearing that fucking polo shirt for work. icky fugly things.

in other fashion news, carl got me a plain purple poncho from illustrated people for my birthday (he's been working there for a couple of days, getting home real late and real sweaty after spending the day in an oven like shipping container packing t-shirts, so it makes sense to get something from them. and i quite like their stuff, cos at heart i'm a skins reject series -10 and you knows it.)

though i like to pretend it's a cape. capes are more fun. too bad it's too warm to wear it at the moment.

i got other stuff for my birthday too. some cook books, hello kitty's book of friendship, sweeties, lego harry potter game, smelly candles, temporary tattoos etc etc. and a purple leopard print shopping trolley bag, for zine events etc from carl's mum. she said she was going to get me one couple of weeks ago, so i knew to expect that. too bad i haven't got any zine events on my calendar in the near future. i got us some take away from the fancy looking indian down the road, authentic kashmir cousine for the same price as the sleazy looking tandoori place. it was fucking lush. i had a nice time up in london. enjoyed hanging out with grrrls and dancing and talking about feminist stuff outloud. awesome. kinda made me wanna move to london so i could hang out with lydia & laura all the time, but i don't actually like london. it gives me heart attacks. couldn't live there. visit, sure. live full time, no way.


Diana said...

i know what you mean about the heat. it feels good wearing nothing and sitting in front of the fan.

Hello Amber! said...

I haven't forgotten your birthday! I'm sending you a pressie soon.

Also, I love your first outfit. I've had a thing for insanely short skirts / dresses lately and totally woulda worn that to the grocery store, haha.

E*phi said...

Happy belated birthday!

And thanks a lot for the zines, my Vampire Sushi envelope arrived a few days ago and I LOVE every single part of it (jippeeyay for süper-awesome badges!). Sent you a tiny thank you thingy yesterday. <3

PS: You look totally gorgeous in both the dress and the poncho - err - cape, I mean CAPE!