Thursday, June 17, 2010


kaleidoscope, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

kaleidoscope, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

yes this is what i do when i'm bored at work, take pictures of the insides of kaleidoscopes. not too shabby, aye?

in other news:

♥ filling in distro orders (carl posted a pile today..)

♥ i got a belly full of spinach & ricotta lasagne (carl made it. good boy) and i found some fancy little fru key lime pies for 80p at sainsburys. bargainlicious!

♥ kinda wanna watch 'muriel's wedding'. it has been way too fucking long.

♥ i put a reminder in my phone’s calendar the other day for kent roller girls practise on july 18th in herne bay. i'm so ridiculously excited it's ridiculous. i better do this. i’ve never roller skated in my whole life. and i haven’t skated with anything at all in at least ten years. yet i think this is the best idea EVER. i can be all bruised up on the seaside. sounds good to me!

♥ it's my 28th birthday in a little over a week. i was going to make a post about how if you want to give me a birthday present, you could donate an amount of your choice to my tattoo fund. that's all i really want. well, my mum's given me money to buy a little digital camera, i'm just trying to decide what to get, and i think carl's lot might get me the harry potter lego game (well, i've been throwing some serious hints, and they know exactly how i feel about underage wizards..) but yeah, tattoo fund. i don't know which of my brilliant tattoo ideas i want to get, depends on how much money i manage to scrape together (if any) i'm gonna ask work to just donate to the tattoo fund too, rather than get me perfume or new look vouchers (other ladies' usual presents) so yeah, if you want, you can donate money towards my tattoo fund. i'll be grateful for anything at all. but if you don't / can't, i won't hold it against you, promise. my paypal is tukrulovesyou at

GIRL GERMS LADYFEST BENEFIT is also in about a week. i should really start thinking about my playlist. i predict at least some beyonce, christina aguilera, janelle monae, miley cyrus and lady gaga. with some best coast, shampoo & dum dum girls thrown in. you have been warned.

♥ i found out today that apparently my boss has next week off. and on top of that, i've got the first two days of the week after off. wow. now that is a birthday treat if there is one. 11 whole days without him in my face. oh joy.

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E*phi said...

Oh, beautiful idea (and pictures)!
I'm glad Vampire Sushi is back up. I've been dying to treat myself to some new zines. So curious for your pretty face # 10! (I'm so sorry I messed up the postage fee, I just sent you the difference via paypal.)