Wednesday, June 02, 2010


london zine symposium 2010
saturday was london zine symposium. and as usual, i sort of failed at taking pictures. this is more or less all i've got to offer:

london zine symposium 2010
the weather was so english on saturday it rained indoors.

london zine symposium 2010
people i don't actually know at all reading zines outside

london zine symposium 2010
i always find someone knitting at a zine fest, even if i'm not.

london zine symposium 2010
eleanor jane of girl photographer hiding behind a notebook. she's pretty camera shy for someone in possession of one.

london zine symposium 2010
potential customers browsing through vampire sushi wares.

scott being dapper.
scott being dapper outside the pub afterwards.

it was the usual zine fest lark, sold some zines, bought some zines, had a nice time talking to people about zines. wish i had got to hang out with some of them a bit longer though. the distro zine box needs sorting out and eventually i'll get the distro back up and y'all can buy your copy of your pretty face #10 and other zines that are ace.


chaitee said...

I really love these photos!

I've been reading through some of your zines lately and they've fast become a favourite.

E*phi said...

Yay for zines!
Failing to take pictures... especially on vacation and stuff,happens to me all the time. I believe it's only a good sign, though. Shows that you were busy enjoying yourself and didn't have much time to look through lenses (or at lcd screens).
Looking forward so much already to your distro reopening (gives me some time at least to save a few bucks to get several at once then!) :)

Eleanor Jane said...

Oh dear, at what point did my hand morph into a hoof?!

Derek Neuland said...

Just wanted to let you know I linked to this in my blog post about the London Zine Symposium: