Sunday, July 04, 2010



I am looking for submissions of articles on the theme of penpalling. Some ideas might be:

- How you got into penpalling
- Things you love (or don't love!) about penpalling
- Meeting penpals, especially if it went particularly well (or badly)
- Any significant friendships/relationships you've developed as a result of penpalling

It could be written as an article, or as a letter to someone (perhaps a letter to a long lost penpal, or to
someone who has become very close to you, or to a now ex-penpal you fell out with).

There is no minimum or maximum length for submissions, although I will reserve the right to edit submissions (I don't imagine this will be significant editing - just spelling corrections and suchlike if needed). I also reserve the right to turn down submissions - I don't imagine it is likely I will, but I don't want to vow to include everything in case I have to default on that promise.

There is no deadline - the zine will be put together once I have enough submissions to fill 40 A6 (1/4 size) pages. If I am lucky enough to recieve more submissions than I have space for, then I will produce several issues of the zine.

Everyone who has a submission included in the zine will receive a free copy of the zine.

Please email submissions to not_lonely_zine @ (without the spaces),along with the name and any contact info you want put in alongside your article (it's okay if you want it to be anonymous). I did consider taking complete page submissions, but as there are paper size differences between Europe and other countries, and I love putting together layouts, I decided it would be better/easier to take submissions by email only.

The working title of the zine is "Dear Friend".

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