Wednesday, July 14, 2010


new name necklace!


vampire sushi necklace!


my necklaces!

i fucking love heidi seeker necklaces. i just found my old classic Miss Tukru necklace underneath the bed the other day while desperately trying to find some of my headcase medicine there. i thought i'd seen a half empty packet there, but they were all empty. sigh. but yay return of the necklace! i hadn't seen it for about.. six months. i was doing a bit of retail therapy last week cos i was feeling low and i thought nice new things might make me feel better (or at least excited! which it has! i like shiny new things!) so i finally bought some more name necklaces. i'd been meaning to get a vampire sushi one for ages, for zine events etc. and now i have! happy days.

post supplies

i also got some skull tape & address labels for me & vampire sushi from various sources. no more scribbling the address myself on the back of an envelope. lazy days!

in other news: carl's going to london again tomorrow. sigh. pizza time. what should i watch while he's away. i know i should use this quality me time in some productive way. i'm gonna try remember to go buy some wool tomorrow so i can start knitting stuff for thumper. one of my bestest dearest friends in the whole world, lori, is due in two weeks and that's what she calls the baby, thumper. i don't know if it's a boy or a girl or if they know, i don't really want to know yet, nor do i care. fuck gender binary! i'm well upset i'm not going to get to meet the baby belly (she's all the way in glasgow) i know meeting thumper should be / is more magnificent / exciting but thumper will be around for YEARS AND YEARS whereas the belly will be gone forever. no one seems to understand where i'm getting at. i've just never felt a baby kick through anyone's belly and if there was one baby i would like to feel that sensation (before i have my own belly to put up with) it was thumper. cos that baby will be the awesomest kid in the whole world, i'm sure of it. no pressure, kid. but aunty tukru expects awesomeness, with them genes.

carl's playing condemned (that exact bit actually. freaky) and it's freaking both of us out. agh.

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Hello Amber! said...

Oh, that Heidi Seeker website kinda rules. I might hafta get my own personalised necklace one of these days.