Monday, December 20, 2010


i haven't been blogging here much lately. just haven't had much to say, felt much more at ease with the new other blog that i do with sinikka, more comfortable with finnish, cos i need finnish and it's all cold and snowy like home except not at all. i've been tumbling and knitting and filling distro orders and working less days and getting excited about things in fairly far future and started writing letters again after over two months of not writing any letters. my wrist still hurts, but i'm anxious to get back to derby practice, even if just to watch because i miss the company of other grrls. most of the christmas presents are done and i'm only working three more days this year (wednesday, next monday and next wednesday) carl put up the christmas decorations on saturday while i was at work, i'll probably take some pictures tomorrow while he's at oxfam christmas dinner at pizza express (christmassy isn't it?) i've started scribbling shit down for your pretty face #14 and i feel better about stuff, i think. worried about money but i try to not think about that too much because i'll just lose sleep over it and that will make me miserable. bed has been far too comfortable lately and i've been over staying in bed in the morning (it's not oversleeping if you're actually awake, just unable to coax yourself out of the bed) but 'luckily' the last few mornings i've had to go to work our front door has somewhat frozen shut overnight so i've had a good excuse for why i'm ever so slightly late. it's no fun trying to melt your door with a bob marley lighter first thing in the morning though.. swings and fucking roundabouts. i'm going to go make a cup of tea (for carl) and a cup of chocolate brownie hot chocolate for me, go hide under the duvet with carl and watch sherlock holmes. (for some reason carl thinks i hate guy richie films. this is false, i have actually yet seen a film by him i didn't enjoy. & i've seen most of them..)

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Hannah. said...

I'm really looking forward to #14!

Hope you get to go to derby again soon, it sounds like a fun place to go even if your arm isn't up to participating again yet.

Wow frozen front door, not good!