Tuesday, December 14, 2010


i bought myself a wee christmas present from work on sunday, the Hello Kitty Magazine Maker, which i think might be the best piece of hello kitty merch i've ever seen. then again, i'm a zinester, i would think that. it's not as awesome as i expected though, the page sheets are made of this horrid shiny paper that smudges really easily cos its high gloss. but i'm just gonna photo copy them anyway for zine purposes / collage on them. and it comes with cute as fuck stamps and LOADS OF STICKERS. like 150, so it's not all bad. probably not quite worth the tenner but who cares. and i got 25% off anyway so not all bad! and there's a cute sticker of hello kitty with a bandage that is so going on my derby helmet, after all i am the injury queen. and i'm kinda tempted use almost nothing but this kit for the layout of YOUR PRETTY FACE #14. best or worst idea ever?

in other news, me and my dear friend sinikka started a little fashion & stuff blog called HIPSTER MUMMOT, cos that's how we dress. like hipster grannies. it's mostly in finnish but we've decided to include little english translations on the bottom of each entry so less people are left out due to the language barrier. and besides i don't think google translate can handle my finnish anyway. i write like i talk. translating machines can't handle finnish anyway.

in second lot of other news i've been working for four days straight and i've got one more day to go before 2 days off, one day in, one day off and then it's next week and i don't know yet. really hoping for not 5 days in a row. i've still got chrimbo shopping to do and my bank has fucked up my overdraft. but hopefully i'll get that sorted thursday. i'm very very tired. and it's my bedtime. off to fill my hot water bottle again!

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Hannah. said...


As soon as I saw the photo I thought "it would be fun to make a zine just using that"; and then I scrolled down and saw you had had the same thought. Great minds think alike! :D

Got my VSD order today, yay. Ta muchly xxx