Tuesday, December 07, 2010


your pretty face is going straight to hell #13 & #12

YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #13 & #12 (in order of appearance)

i actually finished / printed #13 THE DAY BEFORE i fractured my wrist, so the damn things have been sitting in my skates' box unassembled. which was really bloody frustrating, especially since it had taken me three, four months to put pen to paper and shit and then i couldn't share it with anyone. #13 is about the first half of 2010 which wasn't the greatest time. full of loss and grief and feeling crappy. for some reason i don't feel comfortable saying why on my blog but putting it all zine seems to be ok.

#12 is about when i fractured my wrist at roller derby and my time off and stuff. there's not much else i can say to describe it!

as you may have figured out from what i just said, #13 was written before #12. but i decided to swap the numbers around because i thought #13 appropriate thanks to the misery. who knew i'd be so unlucky the day after printing! well, what's done is done.

your pretty face is going straight to hell #13 & #12

as per usual, they're available from good old VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO.
along with a whole of new awesome zines, and the good old ones.

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Hannah. said...

Can't wait to read them!

Also, I'm the same with writing stuff in zines I wouldn't feel comfortable putting in a blog.