Thursday, December 23, 2010


i've just finished my wrapping par one item i need to finish off! though i have a strange nagging feeling i've forgotten something.. carl made us some nom as fuck chilli con carne with his best ever recipe, which i can't find on the internets anymore but it's in one of my zines. it's been a while since he's made it.

we're going to carl's mum's house tomorrow evening for the weekend. i'm planning to start knitting a proper big project while i'm there. i've just bought & downloaded the pattern for this cute as fuck bed jacket / cardigan from ravelry and i'm going to go buy some wool & possible new needles in town tomorrow before i go meet emma & natalie for coffee in rochester in the afternoon. i think i'm going to go for dark purple. i'm aware i've got a fuckload of wool at home, but not enough of the same colour and kind to make a cardi, they're more for little projects like mittens and berets. we'll see if i ever actually finish this one. i hope so. it'd be my first big thing i've finished knitting.. just need to stick to it whenever bored / watching telly.

y'all have a nice xmas weekend. i probably won't get on the internets again proper til we're back home. unless i manage to sneak on carl's mum's laptop while the boys play their new games or whatever.


Deer Prudence said...

Ahah, i actually never finished any knitting goal too! And always start a new one. Maybe the most important is to wish we'll do it once!
Enjoy your week-end.

Hannah. said...

I love that snowy felt hanging over your bookcases (it's maybe not felt, but I think it is...?).

I just learned to knit! I can crochet already, but never mastered knitting. Not that I'm a master at either yet, but I have the hand of it more than I have previously.

Hope you had a good xmas <3

Hannah. said...

Also, I just looked at that pattern over on ravelry, and WOW! Gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

I used to knit when I was a little girl but I don't know how any more.

Lol I feel you with the whole nicking his mums laptop while they play my boyfriend and his two brothers have been playing games for an entire week straight now.

SO BORED. I nicked his brothers laptop :)