Saturday, January 01, 2011


some of the HIGHLIGHTS of 2010 in the world of tukru:

♥ DJing at girl germs, twice!
♥ zine fests including: brighton zine fest, london zine symposium & birmingham zine fest.
♥ writing 4 new zines & doing my first compilation zine!
♥ still doing vampire sushi after one year in business.
♥ starting roller derby and getting hang of skating pretty quick!

& some of the LOWLIGHTS of 2010 in the world of tukru:

- carl's dad went into the hospital only to come out very briefly and then go back again and never come out. i was there with carl's family when he passed away, it was really damn upsetting & unfair cos he was pretty young, and damn awesome dude. (read your pretty face #13 if you wanna know more)
- i fractured my wrist in 3 places and ended up being on sick leave for six weeks due to which i'm broke as fuck, overdrawn to the max and owe rent.

sure, the highlights list is longer than the lowlights but the lowlights were pretty much so craptacular they outweigh all the / any good stuff that happened. 2010 was a shit year. i want a fucking refund.

what about my resolutions for 2010, how did i do with them?

♥ write more in finnish - well, i started my finnish blog and then completely abandoned it after a few months. but i did start hipster mummot with sinikka a few weeks ago. so.. i guess i didn't really do that.
♥ write more in general - i managed to do 4 issues of your pretty face in six months. i guess that's writing more. but i was sort of hoping to do some fiction too.
♥ spend less time on the internet doing fuck all - no.
♥ eat less frozen crap and more PROPER food. - well. yeah. sort of.
♥ stop ignoring stuff and pushing it til later. or at least do it less. - doing a little better on this!
♥ worry less. - and this!
♥ be more crafty, knit and stuff. - most of the year, not really but lately yes!
♥ work on my teenage blah blah novel & my smiths fan vampire story. - no. still stuck as fuck. have manage to figure out plot for vampire story though, so i guess that's something.
♥ make a fucking brilliant queer/typical zinester stuff issue of YOUR PRETTY FACE without rushing it. if it's not ready in time for a zinefest, it's not. - well, life got in the way by giving me other things to write about so i haven't made this. but i didn't rush with the zines i did make (except maybe little with #12..) so i think i did pretty good.
♥ same thing with rocknroll adventures of past times issue. - see above
♥ finish issue one of THE QUEEN IS FED, my cooking zine. preferably in time for brighton zine fest (end of february) - well no. i still haven't done much about this zine. i've got a BIG list of recipes i can put it i just can't get myself to do it for some bizarro reason. need to fact check all the recipies too. but i'll start on that.. tomorrow?
♥ dress better (when i look good, i feel better. like today. i may be a bit chilly, but i feel better about myself. it's funny that.) - well. i guess?
♥ see people more often. go to coffees or just to hang out at lovely people's houses. - i've been more social. but mostly cos emma's been around.
♥ make more art. take PROPER photographs. - FAIL.
♥ get winifred's hair sorted out! (i actually only just added this one..) - FAIL FAIL FAIL i don't even know where her damn hair is.
♥ be more / proper organized with distro etc business stuff. - check! to a degree. there's still room for improvement of course!
♥ find another job. preferably not in retail. i don't want to hate christmas anymore. - well, obviously haven't managed that. but i came pretty close and i did manage to not hate christmas this year thanks to sharing work with my replacement.
♥ have better mental health - i would have done a lot better on this if 2010 hadn't served me such a shit sandwich.
♥ be a better girlfriend and be more comfortable with my own sexuality. - still working on this but getting there. SLOWLY.

oh and from that 'wish list' of things it would be cool if i could do this year, i accomplished fuck all. but i'm cool with that. i'll hold on to my list of new resolutions / goals for tomorrow / another day.

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Riikka said...

I hope I'll FINALLY get to see you this year. Any idea when you'll be in London next? Getting back on Jan 10 though I'll be pretty busy with university work until 17th. Would love to see you, though! It's been like... Way too long.

PS. We need to go and see some gigs together! Nostalgia and stuff!