Saturday, January 02, 2010


I missed the party, originally uploaded by Laurence 2.

yesterday i wrote down some new years 'resolutions' in my finnish blog, somehow finnish has just felt more natural this year, so far. ha. we'll see how long that lasts though, i'm always starting similar projects and it never lasts.. but i'm hopeful. i need more practice so i don't turn double foreign. anyway, i thought i'd write them down in english too, so everyone can mock me when i miserably fail at everything. i don't really do resolutions. but i'll consider this more of a to do list. (i do realise it's basically the same thing, but a few of these have been on my to do list anyway..)

♥ write more in finnish
♥ write more in general
♥ spend less time on the internet doing fuck all
♥ eat less frozen crap and more PROPER food.
♥ stop ignoring stuff and pushing it til later. or at least do it less.
♥ worry less.
♥ be more crafty, knit and stuff.
♥ work on my teenage blah blah novel & my smiths fan vampire story.
♥ make a fucking brilliant queer/typical zinester stuff issue of YOUR PRETTY FACE without rushing it. if it's not ready in time for a zinefest, it's not.
♥ same thing with rocknroll adventures of past times issue.
♥ finish issue one of THE QUEEN IS FED, my cooking zine. preferably in time for brighton zine fest (end of february)
♥ dress better (when i look good, i feel better. like today. i may be a bit chilly, but i feel better about myself. it's funny that.)
♥ see people more often. go to coffees or just to hang out at lovely people's houses.
♥ make more art. take PROPER photographs.
♥ get winifred's hair sorted out! (i actually only just added this one..)
♥ be more / proper organized with distro etc business stuff.
♥ find another job. preferably not in retail. i don't want to hate christmas anymore.
♥ have better mental health
♥ be a better girlfriend and be more comfortable with my own sexuality.

i'm not going to write stop smoking because it's pointless. more accurate list item would be "stop needing to smoke". which is way more easily said than done.

also, here's things i would like to do, if possible:

♥ start sewing clothes for me & dolls, once i get that elusive sewing machine.
♥ go abroad. preferably not just back home to finland. maybe berlin? but this completely depends on money money money!
♥ FIND A RECORD PLAYER. our record collection is getting ridiculous considering we can't actually listen to them.
♥ a dead ladies comeback for my birthday. in celebration of surviving 'the rocknroll stupid year'.
♥ do a zine workshop of some sort. i wouldn't know where the fuck to start sorting it out though.


frl.zucker said...

yeah BERLIN!!!!!

Diane said...

So many of these are on my list, too. I need to learn how to take more proper photographs, eat proper food, and "be a better girlfriend and be more comfortable with my own sexuality" is definitely up there on my list as well.

Good luck to you, we'll work on these together!

Anonymous said...

i just started reading your blog (after having read frl. zucker's for a few months now). i was procrastinating on writing my own list, and yours inspired me to sit down and do it. so thanks!

happy new year! ^^

stina said...

thanks darling for your sweet birthday wishes! they made me really happy, and the moomin picture was so cute. <333

i really need to sit down and figure out my goals for this year. eating better, worry less, be more crafty and dress better will definitely make my list as well! let make 2010 aaaamazing! we need it.

Jessica said...

Hello my lovely.

Apparently they're trying to sort some zine workshops for ladyfest, I dont know if you're planning on wanting to go to or 'lead' one but you should.

I think my list (in my head) is very similar to yours.


(Ps: Im sorry, I follow your blog, its terribly lovely.)