Saturday, January 02, 2010


WHAT I WORE TODAY - 2nd january 2010

♥ striped top made by carl, part of his final collection at fashion school
♥ turquoise skirt, from primark
♥ turquoise tights, christmas present from ellie
♥ black ankle boots, from new look
♥ heart necklace, christmas present from mum.
♥ red bow belt, from new look
♥ (unseen) hand embroidered 'fuck this, i'm going to hogwarts' pants, by me.

today was the first day in over a week i've dressed properly. not that i went anywhere other than sainsbury's & tesco to buy ingredients for tasty apple & walnut risotto. carl took the photo for me and the picture's a little extra blurry cos i'd forgotten i'd turned off auto focus, like a div.

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M. Dominic said...

I love this outfit! It looks totally good on you :D!