Wednesday, January 27, 2010



i put some lipstick on on sunday. i like to wear it in geisha style.


carl hasn't shave for at least two weeks (he can't actually remember when he shaved last) since he's got this far on beard growing, i might as well make him do it properly.


i did some girly shopping yesterday on my way home from work (neon leg warmers & eye shadows, all 50p each) and carl brought me barbie size beauty products from oxfam.

sick party

i made blackberry & banana muffins earlier and i accidentally baked them for extra 10 minutes and they had a sick party all over each other (i wonder if that was the fact i didn't use any bicarbonate of soda, or just cos i filled the cases too full...)

today i had therapy (on the phone) for the first time in about two months. (december and most of november were just too fucking hectic to go to lunch at a certain time and spend it on the phone thinking about how well i'm coping with shit.) apparently i've got worse since last time. from moderate to borderline moderate / severe. wahey anxiety.

i have plans and projects i manage to do fuck all about. and i had one of the best ideas i've ever had, inspired by a friend's lj post about creepy dudes. now i just need to figure out how to actually make them.


Kira Swales said...

I made some beanballs for dinner tonight using the recipe from issue 3 of your zine...just wanted to say thanks - yummyyyyy! <3

Emma Jane Falconer said...

Beardy Carl! Beardy Carl! Is he becoming a mountain man hermit? You do live practically up the top of a mountain anyway.

cinta / sepi / sayu said...

you're so cute