Sunday, January 10, 2010


DISPOSABLE CAMERA [WINTER 2008], originally uploaded by bosinney.

my brain is full of just zines zines zines. i've just spent £40 on wholesale zines from the learning to leave a paper trail closing 'sale'. about 75 zines, 15 different ones coming my way for vampire sushi. christ on a bike. and then those distro trades & orders coming my way i mentioned. plus some re-stocking in general. chrazy! it's funny how fast ciara's sold almost all of her stock. it's only been three days and she's only got a few things left. which reminds me, if any distro or even just normal person would like to buy copies YOUR PRETTY FACE #6, you should go to her, cos she's got a fairly large pile of them still (she only just got a packet of 20 couple of weeks ago, just before she closed shop for the holidays..) go go go go! otherwise i'm gonna have to buy them back and well, i don't particularly want to. but if i must.. scratch that, she's sold EVERYTHING now.

i've also finally updated the distro website. took sold out things off and added another new one. carl's gonna go in the post office tomorrow/tuesday. promise. i just need to staple some of my zines (the staplers at staples didn't work. but luckily i found mine 5 minutes after i got home) and they'll be good to go. oh and i updated WWW.TUKRULOVESYOU.COM too! it's actually back on. with all the band photos and my photos and old photos and some new drawings that i've already posted on here. so i guess i've had a productive weekend even though it doesn't feel like it. i'm gonna go staple and assemble some zines & watch shit telly with mr carl.

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Kira Swales said...

Your brain may feel hectic now, but you know it's a good thing, doing something that you <3 . Looking forward to receiving my zines! :)