Friday, January 08, 2010


i bought a new dress

i bought a new dress

it started snowing proper at half 11 so mr man closed the shop and everyone went home. i guess he didn't want to get stuck in snow again. of course it had stopped by the time me and ellie left the shopping centre (we did spend maybe 20 minutes looking at cardigans in dorothy perkins first) i had a bad case of word vomit, there's no one else around in the real world i can really talk to. so yeah. and i bought a dress. i tried to get carl to get a picture but only two of them were actually in focus and in the other one,, i didn't like my face. or posture. or much else.


weird 80s style dress - £5 primark bargain.

carl says the dress makes me look like hattie jacques. he thought i would smack him, but i think she's AWESOME. no nonsense, i'm the matron. not sure i'll ever actually wear it though. might actually go and return it after all.

it's weird being home this early. it's confusing carl. ha. i think i might go to staples later to staple some zines, get all the pending distro stuff sent out tomorrow morning. think i need some a5 envelopes too. i know i have some but i can't find them. as per usual.


Mckenzie said...

Oh no! Don't return it! Haha, it's adorable!
Looks great on you!

Emma Jane Falconer said...

I agree- it looks great!

miss tukru said...

thank you darlings,
i actually think i know when and where exactly i am going to wear it! x