Saturday, January 23, 2010


new distro zines!, originally uploaded by tukrulovesyou.

this week has been a pretty good week postwise. i've had something come in at work or at home pretty much every day. except today & monday. including three parcels of distro zines. one of them MASSIVE. i had just almost got on top of the descriptions and.. now i've got another pile of them to do. oh well. that's really the only bit i'm not excited about, mainly cos i find it a bit difficult. i'm not that great at describing zines. though it seems with some its about easier than others.

i've been wanting to post a proper blog entry about distro stuff but i'm not actually quite sure what i want to say. i thought about recommending my favourites but pretty much everything in the distro are my favourites, so it would be kinda impossible and pointless. so yeah, there's lots of new zines at VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO. go on, buy some, so i can order more. eh. no really, i've got a few more zines i definitely want to distro, but i've decided to put myself under zine buying ban. well, actually buying anything at all ban really, my bank & paypal balances are really not happy at all.

oh and i'm gonna be tabling at a few events next month! you can see them on the news page of the distro, if you're in the medway / london / brighton area, you should come come come.

"our daughters will never be free" the indelicates.

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Hello Amber! said...

Ooh, I love seeing my zines there!
I guess it's obvious from my blog, but I LOVE writing zine descriptions. I don't know why.