Thursday, January 07, 2010


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♥ work's been mental but alright. i'm still surprised by that. i think the short days due to snow are helping.

♥ my stapler has gone missing. which is no good! i've been somewhat looking for another one, thinking "it might be a good idea to have two, just in case" but everything's either too much or a bit too shit. i'm rather contemplating getting this one..

♥ i'm excepting several largeish packages of zines in the post! two distro trades and one order. i may have gone a little wrong there. also, i heard really sad news today. one of my favourite distros (if not my actual favourite) learning to leave a paper trail is closing. it's a sad sad day. ciara's still gonna keep the distro open, until everything's sold out which probably will take a while cos she's got a fuckload of zines, including another forty odd copies of mine that she only just received couple of weeks ago. i'll most probably be buying a bunch of zines in bulk for vampire sushi, because most the zines are fucking awesome. there are very few zines i've got from there that i haven't liked much. and i must confess, i've probably got about half the catalog if not more. but i'm gonna wait til the latest distro trade from her arrives. hopefully next week. so yeah, that news really sucks. but nothing lasts forever.

♥ for the last few days i've been mostly listening to lady gaga (i'm starting to think i'll never be sick of 'bad romance' or 'paparazzi'. rah rah ah-ah-ah ro mah ro-mah-mah gaga ooh-la-la) and lady sovereign. alongside with a little bit of ladyhawke and falling asleep to harry potter and the deathly hallows again.

♥ the snow is making me giddy and silly. even when i almost fall over skipping down the high street.

♥ i think this weekend i'm going to make cheese pie, as seen on hairy bikers; mums know best. it's basically mash, cheese, mash, cheese, mash, cheese baked in the oven. it looked fucking epic.


Bri Z. said...

this is the first i've heard about ciara shutting down the distro. sad news indeed :(

Enid said...

that's really sad about learning to leave a paper trail, I really liked that distro.

i'm glad you're managing to keep yrs going, i've got a huge order planned when i've got some money!