Tuesday, January 11, 2011


i went to kent roller girls practice on sunday because a) it was in rochester (usual place in herne bay booked up for roller hockey or something) and in the afternoon rather than crack of dawn and b) we had a meeting about important stuff at alex' house beforehand. i made some tiny vegan cupcakes and most of them were eaten, even though they don't go with the roller derby work out meal plan.. then again, that didn't start til yesterday! i'd do it but.. a) i'm lazy and b) my wrist is still a wee bit too weak to trust me with any exercise that requires me to rest on my arm/hand strenght, and there's a fair bit of press ups and planks in that workout. maybe next time?

i was watching the others skate and i almost cried cos i wanted to skate so much too. (fuck almost, there was definitely a solitary emo tear rolling down my cheek as everyone else warmed up.) i've got a check up with the doctor next monday, if he says it's cool, i'll be back on skates the sunday after that! anyway, i took some pictures.


KellyRose said...

i'm so glad you posted these pics. i love scoping other roller derby teams. i hope you are better soon and able to play!!

Ruthless said...

awesome pics tukru, those vegan cakes were yums :)