Sunday, January 02, 2011


i was going to write a proper entry with my resolutions / goals / whatever for this year, but to be honest, they are more or less the same as last year. still working on stuff.

♥ write more. zines, stories, letters, blog entries. in both languages.
♥ spend less time on the internet doing fuck all.
♥ eat less frozen crap and more proper food.
♥ finish issue one of THE QUEEN IS FED, my cooking zine.
♥ be more sociable, get out more, see people, hang the fuck out with awesome locals etc etc instead of just sitting home on tumblr, even if carl doesn't want to come along.
♥ knit more, especially finish knitting the blue cardigan with hood / vintage bed jacket that i started knitting on christmas eve. i've done the back so far and i'm about 1/3rd through right front piece, like so:

♥ make more art. take real proper photographs, not just snaps of crap around the house / what i'm wearing. it's a waste of a good camera. even use the film slr again.
♥ find that new job i keep talking about. preferably not in retail, and preferably more money for less hours!
♥ go abroad. and preferably not just to go home.
♥ see the ark one more fucking time before it's too late.
♥ get better mental health.
♥ be a better girlfriend, as per usual.
♥ make that secret exciting project i can't tell you about yet actually happen.
♥ start a grrrl band. (a girl can dream, right?)
♥ finally get that first tattoo i keep banging on about.
♥ skate hard at roller derby and pass minimum skills.
♥ radically reduce my use of oppressive / ableist language (like crazy, mental, special..)
♥ reply to every single letter i get. even if it's just a post card saying "aww shucks." or something equally feeble.

i think that's it for now. still not making a resolution to stop smoking though. i'm going to get off the internet now and watch bruce parry hang out with shamans and knit knit knit. how i've missed that man.


KellyRose said...

love the skates at the top of the layout!! how is roller derby coming? I got some new wheels recently and it has helped immensely with the t-stop! where are you at with everything? happy new year!

miss tukru said...

i still haven't been back to derby, not since my accident. but i'm going to practice next sunday, even if i'm not ready to get back on wheels, just to watch if nothing else.. i've got a doctor's appointment on 17th, so i should know then how the arm's doing.

stu said...

YEAH FOR THE ARK. sure it will be expensive but food and such luxuries, who needs them. it'll be worth it!

i need to start taking proper photographs too. i have ideas, then i forget them and never ever do i actually do them.....

Peach Nia said...

hi, do you still want the goodies, if so plz paypal soon as you can or let me know on my blog as i wont receive a reply in my email from this xxx