Thursday, January 27, 2011


i've got a whole lot of stuff to write about but the most important first / for now:

the other day (tuesday) me and emma went to poco loco to ask if we could have the little riot grrl type club night we'd been thinking about for the past month or so (secretly, i didn't wanna say anything til stuff was actually happening) and they said yes! it's happening NEXT THURSDAY. it's a bit soon but it was the best week in february to do it, and we wanted to get started / make it happen ASAP. emma's left a load of flyers in some local establishments and we're going to the art college tomorrow afternoon to do some more flyering. there's also a facebook page, twitter and a tumblr of good things. add us for news and stuff!

typical grrls is a grrrl / genderqueer friendly club night in chatham with an all grrl (fronted) playlist, cupcakes and zines.

THURSDAY 3rd FEBRUARY 2010, 8pm - 1am
at Poco Loco, 58 High Street, Chatham


(We're good to you, you can't deny it)

Zine stall from Vampire Sushi Zine Distro
All round excitingness in every corner

Emma & Tukru DJing this time.

(boys are welcome too, unless you're going to be a sexist dickhead)

Riot Grrl, Motown, Electronica and Pop Playlist includes:

Aislers Set, the B-52s, Best Coast, Beyonce, Bikini Kill, Björk, Bratmobile, the Breeders, Cat Power, Deerhoof, Elastica, Free Kitten, the Gossip, PJ Harvey, Hole, Huggy Bear, L7, Lady Gaga (Tukru likes her, alright?), the Knife, Le Tigre, Nancy Sinatra, Peaches, the Ronettes, Scout Niblett, Sleater-Kinney, the Slits, the Shangri-las, Sonic Youth (Kim's bits) the Supremes, the Raincoats, the Runaways, Velvet Underground (Mo & Nico's bits), Warpaint, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, X-ray Spex & Much Much More


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in other news, i've been working on my split zine with catherine of here. in my head, and i have been back to derby, twice! just haven't got around to writing about it. oh well. also, my brother's coming round for a visit with his lady friend who i've never met and don't even know what she looks like on sunday for a couple of days and our flat is a tip so tomorrow is being dedicated to tidying. other than that trip to town with emma of course. busy bee, for now. the i've got to finish the zine and print it in time for the brighton zine fest (19th-20th feb) celebrate carl's birthday and make him epic cupcake and so much more. it's nice being busy, but it's also fucking exhausting.


love buzz. said...

please get me involved!!! i wanna make flyers & dj too!!! hope you like that pic i took of you btw, i love it! you look so cute. <3

Emma Jane Falconer said...

Do you & Meg want to do some djing this time or next? They've got both cd and vinyl decks there.

Maddie M. said...

Hi there!
I think we were friends on tumblr! My name was awkwardteenageriotgrrrl! : )
I ended up quitting to make time for other things, but I'd love to keep in touch through blogs!
LOVE your blog as always.

miss tukru said...

we were indeed! i did wonder where you had dissappeared. it would probably do me good to quit tumblr too but its so damn moorish. and what will i do when i have nothing better to occupy myself with :/

i hadn't realised you had a blog other than the missfits one, i've just added it to my google reader <3


Clara said...

Dear Tukru,
Can you e-mail me your address so I can send you something? I couldn't find it on your distro's website! My e-mail is
Much much love,

Olivia Attacked by Rats said...

Stuff like this really makes me pissed I'm stuck in Denmark!!!

Bea said...

i wish i could go to your club and get free zines and cupcakes :( but unfortunately i live in sweden...