Sunday, September 27, 2009


CRIME SCENE PHOTO, originally uploaded by defekto.

it's kind of awkward lately when someone i sort of know in real life (acquaintances) ask me how i am. i don't want to lie and say "i'm fine / alright / ok", but i also don't want to you know, burden them. i'm sort of ok, but not. if that makes any sense.

i made really nice spinach and carrot muffins today and i grated the knuckle of my right thumb. i wish i had nice kiddie plasters.. i'm trying to eat different things for breakfast, keep away from gallons of yogurt. i've been knitting fingerless gloves to sell on etsy (there's only so many i need) our kitchen is finished. carl's going to paint it white tomorrow or wednesday or whenever. we tested our washing machine today and it works. it sort of flooded our kitchen twice last week. but it's fine now. carl's going to do the first proper laundry run tomorrow while i'm at work. i've got yet another productivity fail kind of weekend underneath my belt. at least zinewise.

i've got my doctor's appointment tomorrow afternoon, five o'clock. i haven't filled in my mental health form. i'm not even 100% where it is. i'm nervous.

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mar said...

Its me edienoir from lj! :)
Just got a blog, I am not leaving lj anyway just wanted to have a blog in spanish.