Thursday, September 10, 2009


♥ colouring in my silly drawings to make them look actually quite nice.

true blood - i only just started the other day because a) i like vampires and b) it looked a billion times better than bloody twilight which is a pile of fluffy mary sue kack written by a 12 year old. ugh. & i'm loving it. half way through first season because every episode ends with such a bloody cliffhanger i have to watch the next one right away. i've always had a thing for vampires, when i was a youngling i used to devour the little vampire books. i'm actually semi-working on my own twist on the cliches...

♥ "beautiful breakfast tortillas" from jamie's america cookbook. my new favourite thing ever. so yummy. i'm going to try to have the time / energy to make it for my breakfast tomorrow morning too.

in other news: i'm off to brighton tomorrow morning. i'll be back sunday afternoon and that's the end of my glorious one week holiday. i wish i had a bit longer. i still feel like shit. the holiday hasn't helped at all with the knackered feeling. everything's just too much and i really do not want to go back to work ever again. i wish i could have even just one extra day away from that place. you'd think being away for a week would help, but i guess it isn't just that place. it's everything that's too much.


lina said...

your blog is really neat! i love true blood & i can't wait for the season 2 finale this sunday!! cheers : )

frl.zucker said...

HMJAM the tortillas look reeeeeally good! <3

oh and hej that work things sucks so bad. :( isn't there any chance you could quit? here when you don't work you get money from the government, is there something like that in gb probably?

stina said...

hope you feel better soon love! xxx

tukru loves you said...

thank you! i'm only half way through season one so far..

i'm obvs putting the recipe in the food zine!
i could quit but.. i don't want to go on the dole again, it's really depressing and we'd be so skint. it's no fun. been there, don't want it anymore.

i hope so too x