Monday, October 26, 2009


sigh. i have a feeling this year will be yet another halloween i won't dress up or do anything else either. i just paid the council tax and there's a big lump of housing benefit i have to pay back too. not sure i can afford to do anything. and the way i've been feeling lately, i don't know if i can be arsed anyway. i love halloween, but i never manage to celebrate it. i'm never in the mood by the time it actually arrives.

also, i haven't sorted out a costume! and it's getting a bit late now. here are some of my ideas.

i quite wanted to be kiki the young witch for halloween. all i'd really need would be a dark purple dress, big red bow, red flat shoes, a black cat, broomstick & maybe a parcel. unfortunately i don't have the time to go shopping til saturday and how likely is it that i'll actually find a dark purple dress? if only i had a sewing machine! i might go have a quick look at primark tomorrow during my lunch break..

i've also been considering enid coleslaw from ghostworld. the comic book. mainly because there are no colours so i can just borrow carl's grey cardigan & one of his checkered shirts. ha ha. i'm so lazy. when i said to carl i was thinking about going as enid, he said: "but you already dress like her. that's not dressing up."

in an ideal world, i would dress up as luna lovegood! but unfortunately i haven't got long blond hair and i actually look really bad in a long blond wig. sigh. i've already got those tights.. though they do have ladders.

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Vanessa said...

My sister, who's 9, is going as Luna Lovegood for Trick or Treating! I spent hours making bloody radish earrings with her when I was back home. But then she's a natural blonde...