Friday, October 09, 2009


Stories to be told...., originally uploaded by ~✽ Yen ♪ ✽~.

i'm going to go sit on the bed under the covers in my rainbow jammies, turn the electric blanket on to 2, and type like a madwoman. i've got pretty much all of YOUR PRETTY FACE #9 written, i just need to type it all up / make it pretty. i'm sure maranda is frustrated with my apathy/slow progress. but i'm definitely getting there and our split zine's going to be epic. at least in a 'it's quite long' kind of way. i've been avoiding work for days now. i want to do it, but i just always have some excuse, or start at 10.30pm and need to go the bed an hour later, when i have only just really got going and am all on edge from writing. blah. but tonight and tomorrow i will work work work. carl's playing his new war game so he cannot moan about typewriter sounds giving him a headache, because his machine guns are worse. they drown each other out.

i'm going to try my best to go to the post office tomorrow morning. though if the queue is all the way to the outside again like last saturday morning, i might just give up and get carl to go some afternoon. on his way back from oxfam or something. i am so behind on post. really. so behind it's ridiculous. i got a parcel from mummy today but i forgot it all in the break room at work, didn't realise until i was outside pentagon trying to push the zebra crossing wait button without being splashed by passing cars and five inch deep massive puddle and it was too late to go back for it.


Chelsea said...

hi! i don't know you, and you don't know me, but if you search yksisarvinen on google, i'm the girl whose links come up under that screen name for twitter and xanga. i figured i would say hi to a fellow unicorn-lover. (:


Lauren said...