Saturday, October 17, 2009


i just finished your pretty face #9 and the pages are ready to be sent out to miss maranda first thing monday. it's gonna be fucking epic. about 70 pages altogether. we could have just had them as separate zines, actually might have made more sense.. but it's the principle! and besides, i'd already made all my pages to fit american paper. it's slightly wider and shorter than my beloved A4. why do they have to be so difficult, aye? it'll be couple of weeks before i can make any copies but unless the postal service fails us, she'll have some for sale at canzine in toronto, canada on nov 1st, if you're in those parts of the world..

i feel a bit restless now, not got any zine to work on. i've been busy doing that all week and now there's nothing. well, there's a bunch of other stuff that needs doing like, the distro. and my website. computery things. meh. not that keen on computery things anymore. but i do rather need to sort this distro thing out. it's getting ridiculous. we've got so many good zines already in stock. and i've decided not to get any more until the website's live. so starting tomorrow, working hard on that. it seems i need projects to stay positive. though i guess i could always just start working on #10 already. ha ha. i do have a couple of different ideas already. actually they've been mulling around in my brain for a while.

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frl.zucker said...

I SEE ENID!!!! <3

can't wait to read it, send it sooooon <3