Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'M DRAWING A BLANK, my ‘comic’ zine finished & printed. £1, 16 pages, limited edition of pink covers and then it's plain white once those run out (i managed to find a couple of pink sheets left over for typical grrls flyer & poster printing. it will be available at london zine symposium tomorrow at the vampire sushi table, and on the website some time next week.

i'll also be doing YOUR PRETTY FACE super packs = 6 issues for £10 (usually £2 each) and if you spend a tenner or more at the distro you get a free copy of VAMPIRE SUSHI #1 (otherwise it's 50p)


Mckenzie Mullen said...

So adorable! I'm going have to pick up a copy online next week! :]

martin said...

<3 i'll get some

Bex said...

waaahhh im so broke and i wanna buy a huge load of zines from the distro but i cant waaah
BUT soon as this is up i will most definitely be buying.
it looks so awesome!
cant wait xoxo