Saturday, October 08, 2011


The Pirate Castle, Oval Road. Camden, London NW1 7EA

this is where i'll be today with vampire sushi distro. oh and CARL'S COMING ALONG. well, he's currently grunting in the bed but he's supposed to meet me in town later (i have to pop into work to print out some orders first) and then be off to london. the other exciting part about camden zine fest is that i'm hosting a zine reading there at 3.30pm featuring cath of here. in my head, emma of fanzine ynfytyn and me. (also supposed to have lisa of sometimes i'm dreaming but unfortunately her new job's induction was changed to today! suckfest) i'm hella nervous, mostly because a) i haven't ever done this before and b) i was going to read a new piece i've been working on for #16 but i totes haven't finished it! i was frantically scribbling shit down for it last night during QI and missed all the quite interesting stuff. so yes, i have no idea what i'm going to read! woe ist me. anyway, i should go make a cup of coffee, some toast and get moving.

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