Wednesday, December 14, 2011


i got my copy of mind over matter #1 today. it's amazing.
we also got a christmas card from one of carl's old ladies at oxfam the other day and she'd actually spelled my name right! i was well impressed.

in other news i'm totally inlove with my new scooby gang t-shirt! (from here)

i was having a bit of a tidy today and i've got another bunch of zine grab bags for y'all. my for grab bags box is still kinda bursting, and as i said i was ruthless when going through my zine collection couple of months ago. (btw way, picture on the right is from my box of quarter size zines i'm keeping!) i've got grab bags with 10 half size zines each:

^^ that there is a paypal button/link (if you're outside uk and you'd like a grab bag, email me or something and i'll figure out how much the postage is to where ever)

and in other zine related news, my last before christmas post trip will be this saturday so if you want anything from VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO, you better order friday night / early saturday morning at the latest!!

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My My Metrocard said...

I love you!!!!!
fuckin merry christmas and happy holidays.....greetings from outta space, berlin.