Saturday, January 28, 2012


yeah yeah i haven't written anything on this blog this year until now. i've been saving my brain for a proper blog entry about you know what i've been up to (not much, other than working on your pretty face #16 and lazing about) but shit i just realized that it's liek 28th january and there's something i need to plug ASAP before it's too late!

GIRLS GET BUSY's 1st birthday party is on tuesday 31st january at the alibi in dalston and i, yours truly, am djing there among other awesome folks AND THERE IS RIOT GRRRL KARAOKE. FUCK YEAH. it's going to be awesome, and i'm super excited. i've been wanting to go to girls get busy for a while, but the nights are always in the middle of the week and i've had to work so it's not been feasible. but i've got tickets to go see wild flag on 1st february and a bunch of holiday to spend before april so i booked a few days off next week and well, i asked beth if they had space for djs. i was going to go anyway, but she said sure! i haven't dj'd since the last typical grrls which was back in may. i've missed it and i'm stoked to be doing it again. i've just been trying to make a vague plan of what to play. i won't tell what i've got in store for y'all but i tell you i wish i could play this following track one of my old friends posted on facebook, but i unfortunately don't have it in mp3 or record form (oh how i wish i did)


yes that's leader of the pack, in finnish. MY FAVOURITE SONG IN THE WHOLE WORLD. IN FINNISH. WHAT COULD BE BETTER???

anyway, i'm sure i'll make a proper real blog post sometime soon maybe. i've mostly been trying to write bits and bobs for your pretty face #16, watching dollhouse on netflix and spending too much time on tumblr. what else is new? oh yeah, i made a new tumblr. new year, new tumblr:

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Ingrid said...

Leader of the pack is a billion times better in Finnish <3