Friday, February 17, 2012

refresh your page a hundred times / to see if you'd updated..

it's been a while since i've made a proper blog post. fuck apologies, i haven't had much to say. well, i have, but i haven't really known how to say it here. i've been working on your pretty face #16 so i guess i've been saving a lot of my words for that. and less well thought spouts of word vomit & random shitty pictures have been going under the personal/tukru perkele! tag on my tumblr.

wednesday was carl's 29th birthday! we'll be the same age until the end of june. here's some lo-fi instagram pictures of the celebrations.

i got my valentine's day presents yesterday (only two days late! for various reasons..) but they were totally worth the wait. the picture is not very good (hi instagram) but there's a book of t-shirt transfers, pulp fiction with nazis, book of vintage children's illustrations (prime zine material) anna sui perfume in a pretty bottle donated to oxfam, pretty totebag, agent provocateur dvd and… a SONIC SCREWDRIVER.

sadly i can't sonic anything yet use you need a tiny tiny normal screwdriver to get the batteries in. i think that calls for me shouting 'IRONY!' and actually use the word in the correct context (you were doing it wrong, alanis.) i now need a to come up with a time lordlady name. i've got a sonic screwdriver, a fez (a 2 year old christmas present carl found on monday while we were tidying, he'd hidden it under the bookshelf behind the sofa and forgotten about it) and a bow tie too (not pictured) i could always just pretend to be the doctor but that is nowhere near as fun fun fun. any suggestions?

i've had all of this week off, and i was going to be super productive and finish your pretty face #17 and do EVERYTHING, but i've hardly done any zine. however i have done some tidying that's been long overdue even though it kinda looks like i haven't done much, been a babysitter for the first time ever, made overly sickly sweet white chocolate chip cupcakes for carl and watched all of the secret circle with emma introduced me to on friday when i stayed at hers on my way to bristol radical zine fest. which was nice. but hey, more about in some zine some day.

speaking of zines! we've got lots of new zines in stock at vampire sushi, and some oldies are back in stock. and there's more stuff on the way. and and and, incase i don't manage to mention it again, i'll be tabling at tooting zine fair next week's saturday, that's 25th february.

in other news, this is my current favourite song (it's also relevant to my life)

3D by internet forever

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