Saturday, March 05, 2011


so.. the second typical grrls was thursday night. it was a definite improvement on the first one (i haven't written about it here in this blog because well, i wrote about it in the new zine and i didn't want to 'spoil' it or whatever but let's just say it wasn't exactly a raging success. which seven people and closing at half eleven cos no one had been there for an hour..) this time there was about 15-25 people, and we didn't know any of them. not really. familiar faces with no names or backstories attached. none of our friends could make it (except ellie, she came for about 45 mins & i played her bad romance which made emma make faces at me.) for various reasons, but that's cool (sort of) cos the people who came enjoyed it and bought some zines and donated some money to KRG and enjoyed our lady choons. i even got a request! for if u seek amy by britney cos i played do something but unfortunately i didn't have it. i told him i'll play it next time. my share of the bar takings paid for a big ass pile of distro post i dragged to the post office today.

we didn't take any other pictures. i'm guessing we felt too awkward about taking pix of strangers.

people like cake, there was two left at the end of the night & i got to take them home with me for carl (he didn't come, which is fine. he was pretty bored last time and he's no social animal anyway. not that i am either.) well, the other one was for me. them cakes were so incredibly pink! i don't think people realised that in the dim lighting of the bar.

i like to take pictures of me eating cake. and i like cake. cake is good.

the next typical grrls is THURSDAY MARCH 31st (FB EVENT)
mark that in yr calendars!


Bex said...

im so glad it was a bigger success this time! im sure it will just continue to get bigger and bigger as these kind of things tend to do.
just wish i could come along or that we had something similar local!

Samantha said...
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Samantha said...

I wish I could teleport & go to Typical Grrls.

I'm glad a lot more people came this time. It looks like you grrls played some rad stuff. &, I love your outfits!