Monday, March 21, 2011


i went to malmö this weekend with my friend jasmine to see my favourite band in the whole world for 'one last time', as they are splitting up after this tour / summer of festivals. and i tried to document the journey thoroughly. but of course, there was a lot of stuff i forgot to / couldn't take pictures of..

ps. there's over 70 photos in this post, so BEWARE. i'm sorry but i don't know how to do a cut on fucking blogspot.

time to wake the fuck up.

jasmine found her top from our old matching outfits from.. 2003 i think. they had matching homemade tutus.

at heathrow.

malmö centralstation

we went to our hostel & managed to check in way before actual check-in (like, 11am or something ridiculous like that, when real check-in is at like 4pm..) so we got dressed, and did our make up ready to go and queue

the first layer of the glitter explosion of my face..

some random shop in malmö we liked due to the derby in the window!

inside said shop..

there were quite a few people already waiting at the venue, we got number 23 & 24.

some second hand shop round the corner from KB had appropriate window dressing..

we went and had some coffee & cake later in the afternoon. here's my first ever macaroon

my semla. i'd never had the swedish version with almondpaste. back home we call these laskiais pulla and we have jam inside along with the whipped cream

hallor fikar.

jasmine fikar.

reference photo of cornelia looking terrified (i'm gonna draw her as one of those big lumps of meat on a rotating stick in kebab shops)

we went to the falafel shop next door for dinner! i had a falafel wrap with deepfried feta cheese, which i don't think really agreed with me..

half an hour or so to go til doors!

a few teasers from the gig. i'll post the rest in a separate blog post later i think, there's QUITE A FEW. (though less that i would have normally taken, i decided to concentrate on the gig itself and dancing and screaming and all that.)

dancing after the gig, after me & jas had been upstairs to say hello & goodbye to the boys & i gave ola a big ass pile of my zines, since he once upon a time told me he loved my writing or something... i was too worn out to join the others on the dancefloor, seriously knackered to the max. i'm too old for this shit.. also, the dj was mostly just plain atrocious.

we went to brogatan afterwards, which jens recommended for a nice quiet sit down drink, though it was PACKED. especially considering it was 3am.

i had started picking on my glitter.

back at the hostel, ready for bed like woah!

there was a strange box of knitting in the hostel reception that had a sign saying something like 'relax, knit a little'. sweden, best evs.

we walked around malmö doing some sightseeing of sorts & killing some time before we had to get the train copenhagen to catch our flight back. we found upside down trees, cool graffiti and an anarchist cafe (that really reminded me of the cowley club in brighton) but we took no pix there cos they had a no photography sign at the till. hmm.

on the train to kastrup (the airport)

our train tix. by the way, if you EVER fly to copenhagen, please remember this: buy yr train ticket at the station, not on the train. and pay attention to the signs upstairs, as that's where the ticket machines are. there's none downstairs or at the platform, and the tickets are TWICE AS MUCH on the train. we learned that the hard way on our way to malmö..

my dinner on the train back to medway on sunday. somewhat dissappointing avocado salad (i should have got for the avocado salad SANDWICH) and hoummous with carrot sticks, from marks & spencers at reduced prices (yaye)

i met a student from canterbury on the train who also had grey looking green hair who had ACTUALLY HEARD OF THE ARK. seriously no one not from scandinavia i ever speak to knows who the fuck they are. though to be honest, she couldn't remember what they sound like, but she recognized the name from the eurovision. but still! anyway, she was pretty ace and i gave her the details for typical grrls & she said she'd come to the next one, and bring the feminist society along. aceness. i much prefer this welcome back to kent to my welcome back from birmingham zine fest. either way, i'm a big fat grump fest now, because IT JUST CAN NOT BE OVER. and on top of post fun sulk, my lady time started today. i'm gonna be so much fun for the next week, since on top of those two i'm worried sick cos i am so fucking broke now. it's a brilliant combo.

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martin said...

you just made me terrible jealous. i miss malmö so much. thanks for reminding me :) jalla jalla best falafel.