Friday, May 20, 2011


i've got a day off and i'm already bored. i bought some alphabet beads off ebay the other day and they arrived today yaye! and i got some plain beads from work yesterday. i need some elastic though.. the set i got from work had some plastic thread but it ain't stretchy enough. think i'll get some from the sewing shop across the shopping centre during my break tomorrow.

i feel a little bit at loss. i had wednesday off too but i had a purpose. i went up to the college to put up posters for typical grrls, and then rochester and i bumped into a bunch of people i know and kinda socialized and all that. woah. but today, i have no such mission. i could tidy and do a whole load of washing but.. that's no fun. i am behind on distro stuff but...... (that's a big long, rubbish but. i apologise to anyone who's still waiting for an order) i've been mostly just watching roseanne on youtube. and pretending to write the ark zine...