Sunday, May 01, 2011


so what do YOU think?

(i uploaded this earlier on flickr & posted it but flickr SOMEHOW cut almost a minute off from the end. MEH)


Melissa said...

I'd honestly love to hear anything about your youth-or that involves your awesome hobbies.

On an aside-I totally expected you to have a finnish accent. Oh-and please read a chapter that has Luna in it one day. :)

Betsy said...

Confession: I haven't read any of your zines yet, but I will, promise! I would love to hear you read about roller derby, though.

Love all the photos you've been posting lately!


Ingrid said...

I like reading/hearing about day trips or memories of childhood :)

nothing special said...

the billy childish story from errr, art or arse? i read that as a bedtime story to my now boyf before we got together and i think it hellped. thx4tht

its a sweet story x