Wednesday, June 29, 2011


as mentioned, sunday was my 29th birthday. and i went up to london on saturday for some zinefesting and a wee picnic. here be some photos, i'm too lazy to write about them, really.

i coloured in the velvet unicorn emma gave me.

books, i got loads of books this year. good omens from lorilorilori, rest of them from carl (charity shop pressies)

the birthday cake i got TODAY (three days late, but w/e) from my neighbours. old lady upstairs commissioned the lady upstairs who makes cakes to make me a cat cake! it's not the prettiest cat, but damn if i'm not touched! you should have seen my face. seriously. ps. carl loves the bakery name ;) i haven't dared to cut into the cake yet, i think i might save it til we have company / carl's mum (&maybe brothers) come over to bring me my presents. i keep getting late presents. (still haven’t got carl’s proper one. cos he hasn’t even bought it yet. but you know what, i’m a big girl. i can wait. but with this long of a wait it better be fucking good.)

i don't particularly look 29, do i? i actually got ID'd on sunday buying cider.


Lori said...

you so do not look 29 lady xxx

tukru perkele said...

i look about 12. i should have bieberfever.

Caitlin Beth said...

That velvet unicorn looks ruddy fantastic! Cath and I had a super duper time at the picnic, thanks ever so much for inviting us! xxx

Cath said...

How sunburnt are my arms?!