Wednesday, June 01, 2011


we haven't had any nice post for a few days, so it was a nice surprise to find a letter with presents from quinn aka girlie guts from le tumblr. we did a trade, i sent her one of my zines & she sent me two word bracelets: feminist & queer, and a few extra little bits. though when i put on the queer bracelet, the elastic snapped and the beads went all over the place. i'll fix it laters, luckily i've got some elastic for my own bead thingies.

then carl came home and asked me how much i loved him, cos he had a present for me. well, actually, a few! twin peaks series one special edition box set! and episodes 2-7 + 11 of brideshead revisited as free dvds with daily mail a while ago. i've already got episode 1 disc somewhere. oh i love the oxfam.

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