Tuesday, July 12, 2011


i'm going to finland tomorrow morning. in two hours i have to leave the house to catch a train to london to catch the tube to heathrow so i can hang around for 6 hours waiting to be able to check-in. my flight is at 7.30 am. i'm flying to helsinki, and catching another flight to tampere from there. i will arrive in tampere at 2.15pm finnish time. (that's two hours in the future) that's almost a five hour journey. i'm nervous. i've never before had to catch a connecting flight. i have no idea how that works. i will be asking bleary eyed silly questions at heathrow check-in.

i think i'm more or less packed. though i keep thinking OH NOES I HAVE TOO MUCH STUFF, and worrying it will be over the 23kg limit (i doubt it but i have no big people scales to prove me wrong with) i'm pretty sure previously it has been teatering around the limit cos it's been packed with cider etc on the way home. besides there will be a big gap in the bag on the way home cos i've got sunhats for my mama (they've sold out in finland because of the heatwave) and they take a surprising amount of space. then again, my bowler hat will still be in there.

i've got a lot of knitting, some zines & books and a whole lot of notebooks to keep me occupied at heathrow. carl's also just fixed the ipod (it refused to charge after he fixed it last week, but he's fixed that fixing now, and it's charging!) so i'll have some tunes despite the fact my new phone's new memory card + usb port hasn't arrived (stupid thing didn't come with a usb lead, wtf nokia) i've set up twitter on my new phone so i might very well be live tweeting my boredom on my twitter: www.twitter.com/kissakerho unfortunately i won't see any replies (unless i change the settings later, i might.)

i'm gonna go put some more britney and the art brut album on my ipod, and i think i'll also have neil gaiman reading stardust if you don't mind.

looking forward to seeing the ark at least one more time. it's gonna be well emotional innit x


Lori said...

Have lots of fun xxx

Ingrid said...

YEY! Have an awesome time <3