Sunday, July 31, 2011


i've been back from finland for about a week now, but i just haven't got around to making a post about it. and it's not going to happen today because i've got something else to tell y'all. VAMPIRE SUSHI DISTRO is back from holiday break, with new zines and new layout too.


among the new zines are two of mine; YOUR PRETTY FACE IS GOING STRAIGHT TO HELL #15 and KISSAKERHO #1. in your pretty face #15 i write about changing my method of birth control, quitting roller derby, getting some financial good news, slutwalk london and prospect of turning 29. kissakerho #1 is my first zine in finnish in over 10 years. i write about how i ended up in uk and where i am, turning 29, and why england is shit. i also gush about the awesomeness of zines with some zine recs (i wouldn't call them reviews) and a how to make yr own zine guide.

i might post about finland later on, or i might save it all for another issue of your pretty face about going home. we'll see.

ps. i'm listening to this mix on 8tracks and bloody hell it's lovely. i wish i could take it to bed with me or something.

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