Wednesday, November 09, 2011


carl has drawn a name out of the cauldron and the giveaway winner is... nuusa with 'the devil rides out' (also known as 'the devil's bride', mainly in the US, according to the internets)


incase you were wondering, i thought i'd share a small list of some of my favourite horror films (in no particular order) i must confess some of them are fairly obvious but whatever. i can't be queen of fucking indie all the time.



i recently re-watched the first ginger snaps, and then finally watched the second one, and i have the third one waiting for me too for when i get around to it. i didn't expect much from ginger snaps II: unleashed, cos you know, it's a sequel and you know how sequels usually are but i highly recommend it. if for nothing else, the end. as i did not expect that. i will say no more.


i enjoyed this more than the house of 1000 corpses, which i did love too but the beginning was a bit too much like a bad marilyn manson wannabe video. or maybe i just have a massive crush on sheri moon zombie hacking shit up. just so you know, i also liked rob zombie's halloween remake better than the original (i like backstory, and mr zombie provided it more than mr carpenter.)


dawn of the dead is a classic for a reason. and to be honest, i have no desire to see the remake, cos it's that excellent. zombies in a shopping mall. also, love the day of the dead. carl made me watch a large chunk of his dad's horror collection when i lived at his house and the george romero's were on top of the pile, along with the usual suspects (texas chainsaw, evil dead, blah blah blah)


RINGU, 1998

during my first year, me and my housemates anna & julie watched.. i would say a lot of horror films but that would be a lie. in truth we only watched audition, the ring and blair witch project but we were all bloody terrified and they influenced our lives quite significantly. though i might just think that because i used to love sneaking up on the girls and pretending to be sadako. or going kiti-kiti-kiti at them (like asami. i've forgotten what it means now, it's been too long since i have seen audition) blair witch didn't make my list because to be honest it wasn't that scary in the end, but these were. or at least we were shitting ourselves because we were so on the edge expecting to be terrified that everything terrified us. which reminds me, i should probably watch the grudge sometime (the original japanese one) because we were watching it at college as something for a project, i think the voyerism project) and i had to leave after then minutes because everytime i got startled by creepy ghost child i would scream and well, that's not something i wanted to keep doing in the company of thirty odd people i saw daily.

THE OMEN, 1976

i have very fond memories of the whole omen series. i've even seen omen iv: the awakening with the really randomly evil little girl. though to be honest this is because one of the tv channels back home showed them all one summer and i had a tv at the end of my bed in my very own room! i rather enjoyed predicting who was going to die next. and for the record, i think i was wrong only once.


carl's dad recommended this to us cos it had two of his favourite things: nazis and zombies (now if it had freddie mercury, i think he would have popped from happy) i expected it to be ok, but it was so good.


carl says attack the block wasn't a scary movie but i beg to differ. monster movies count.


i don't really know if shaun of the dead counts as a horror film as it's just that funny, and on purpose. but i can't not include it on my list.

here's also some of my spooky to watch list: Brotherhood: Taegukgi (2004) Dead Snow (2009) The Troll Hunter (2010) Let the Right One In (2008) Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010) Sauna (2008) which is why none of those are on my list.


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"i can't be queen of fucking indie all the time." I SIMPLY LOVE YOU.