Tuesday, November 01, 2011


it was vampire sushi's 2nd birthday yesterday! hurrah! i was going to post about it yesterday but i was too busy finishing up VAMPIRE SUSHI #2 so i could finally print it today during my lunchbreak. i was planning to do that monday, but i didn't manage to finish sunday night, and i just couldn't stay up untilstupid hour since mondays are hella busy and exhausting at work. not that going to bed at half one was that sensible. (stayed up til 3am last night. kinda dead now)

anyway.. VAMPIRE SUSHI #2 is available now at vampire sushi distro for 50 english pence. i could tell you what's in it but.. spoilers!

and to celebrate vampire sushi's 2nd birthday we are doing a special giveaway! all you have to do is comment on this blog post with your favourite scary/horror film & your email address and you (yes, YOU) could win:

a copy of vampire sushi #2
a free zine of your choice from the distro (up to £2.50)
a vampire sushi 1" button badge
various halloween trinkets/goodies
and probably something else too!

you've got until next tuesday (8th nov) midnight GMT.
the giveaway is open to everyone everywhere.
i shall be announcing the lucky winner on the wednesday once i've got carl to pull a name out of my cauldron.


Cath said...

Me! My fave horror film is "Alien". :)

Mythologising Me said...

My favourite horror film is Nosferatu :)

Clara said...

This is rad! I say Vertigo.

E*phi said...

I guess the first SAW movie. (The one that scared me most was probably "the ring", but it so much scared the shit out of me that I refuse to call it my favorite)

Anonymous said...

'Sleepy Hollow' if that counts as horror? I don't tend to watch too many horror films..

(email: ichabod.h at gmail.com)

These nightmares are mine said...

I simply adore the old horror flicks like Lugosi's Dracula and Karloff's Frankenstein but also the occult 60s/70s has produced some absolutely gorgeous films!

But at this time I'd say my fauvorite is Devil rides out.

(nuusalle at gmail . com )

cdb said...

i think gingersnaps is pretty great!
also, its canadian, like me.
claramustard AT yahoo. com

Savannah said...

Favorite horror movie is A Haunting In Connecticut :D
savvywilson@gmail.com :)

niila said...

my favorite horrormovie (or one that first comes in mind) is finnish movie Sauna. t was scary as hell on the big screen.

niilanposti (a) gmail.com

Roisin Muldoon said...


My favourite horror film is probably The Omen (the original, obvs) - Gregory Peck and Patric Troughton - what's not to like?! In fact, I think I might watch that this evening... :)

jim said...

my favourite horror film is "BLOOD FROM THE MUMMY'S TOMB" - it gives me a nice cosy feeling.

Lori said...

Battle Royale