Sunday, October 03, 2010


Aunt Flo is in Town, originally uploaded by Michael Zampelli.

my favourite thing i found on the internet. that is the BEST EVER derby name + number, don't you agree? apparently she also tosses free tampons to fans. love it.

i had my first derby practice today with my very own skates. not bad, not bad. did blocking and checking (whacking people with your shoulder to knock em out. AWESOME. me and hannah really went for it, i think we might both be pretty fucking bruised up in a few days. being gentle was just no fun) and i did only 19 3/4 laps in five minutes which is down from last weeks 20. poo. but i managed to master cross overs going counter clockwise without even trying! so it's swings and roundabouts.

what else? i've been feeling a little low this weekend, even friday when i had a much appreciated DAY OFF. too much crying and shit. poo at that. but i feel much better today. i had derby and got to get off some aggro / pent up energy, i guess. in other news, i'm pretty close to being finished with your pretty face is going to hell #13, it should be printed the weekend after next (i'm going to london to see an LRG bout on saturday so i won't be able to print it this week.) and i will be printing / finishing off the vampire sushi comp in the next few days, printing after work. EVERY SINGLE VAMPIRE SUSHI ORDER IN THE MONTH OF OCTOBER WILL RECEIVE A FREE COPY OF VAMPIRE SUSHI #1, just so you know.. it's a good month to order something! oh and i finally put together some grab bags from the pruning of my zine collection. 10 zines per bag, and this is the best of the bunch. more info on the vampire sushi tumblr.

i think i'm gonna go work on the zine and watch x factor while doing so. i think carl will be home from oxfam soon.


E*phi said...

W00t, OMG, she's my heroine!

Derby sounds like so much fun! It'd be great to give it a try some day, really sounds like something I'd love!

Oh, and I can't wait to get my next zine-fix from VS distro! Is there any chance, some of the zines which are currently sold out will be restocked soon-ish?

Deer Prudence said...

No "add to cart" for you grab bags?
Should i just sent you the payment?
Btw, i already ordered via you distro and loved everything.
It came with great feminist flyers and so on.
You can honestly be proud of what you do with the distro and everything :)