Sunday, October 17, 2010


visible derby injury #1, originally uploaded by Tukru Loves You.

i fractured my right wrist at today's derby practice. it hurt so bad i cried. i've never broken or fractured a bone before. i'm already missing having use of my right arm. using the computer is so awkward. i can't fold & put together your pretty face #13 which i printed 60 copies of yesterday. how frustrating is that? luckily i put together about 10 copies last night before we went to abi & alex's for dinner. i can't write or draw, and i can't knit. what shall i do? read, i guess.

i'd write more but it's too flipping awkward. i miss my right arm already. don't know how i'm gonna cope! i never realised how much i need my right hand for on a regular basis.


Mckenzie Mullen said...

My favorite part of this is your title because you included the "#1". <3

Hope it gets better super fast!

Anonymous said...

What happened to #12? Did I miss it?

KellyRose said...

r u going to keep playing roller derby?

miss tukru said...

i'm just doing it in the wrong order, #12 is next i think. #13 just felt suitable number for this one.
still gonna go back to derby once i get my arm fixed. i'll be back in square one again though, even 2 weeks was too much of a break. i hate to imagine what i'll be like with 6+ weeks break and post serious injury awkwardness..

KellyRose said...

well as someone who just started playing roller derby as well (about 2 months ago) i think it's awesome that you are going back, despite being injured so soon on :) this will only make you stronger! what exactly happened when you broke it if you don't mind me asking?

miss tukru said...

we were doing stopping drills and i lost my balance while plow stopping and fell on my arse and wrist, except the wrist was on the side, on palm so the guards did nothing :(
i actually bruised my coccyx at the first practice. i'm the krg injury queen. i'm pretty sure this was the first serious one we've had..

KellyRose said...

oh wow that sucks! i am glad you are going to keep going though!!! how are your t-stops coming? that is something i am STRUGGLING with!