Friday, October 29, 2010



BUFFY: "you're missing the whole point of halloween."
WILLOW: "free candy?"

the sad thing is that i had a big full halloween weekend planned (party at a friend’s house tonight, gig organized by another friend on saturday and dressed up roller derby practice on sunday) but now it seems very much like i’m doing absolutely nothing at all, AS USUAL. my halloween plans always fall through, which is so not fair since it is my favourite holiday. i guess me & carl will just go on a horror film binge or something.. stupid fucking arm. 2010 officially blows. but i did get some good news today so hopefully that goes well and 2011 will be a year of new super exciting things!

since it's the season, i thought i might aswell post the special mix i made to go with the vampire sushi comp zine & to celebrate vampire sushi's birthday on sunday, since it is the season to be ghoulish:

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Samantha said...

Awesome mix!

Add me on 8tracks, girl! I added you.