Saturday, December 12, 2009


Living Dolls Part One, originally uploaded by Laurence,.

i’ve had a rather bad week. too much work. too much stress and emotional upheaval, this fucking cold and this fucking cough (i can’t even have a fucking fag to calm the fuck down) i’ve been a cranky miserable little bitch, but i’m going to be nicer now. i’ve got a fuckload of unread things on my google reader (maybe i should just unfollow some blogs..) and i’m so behind on distro & etsy orders. one day i will be organized, but i doubt it will be until after christmas. i’m sorry. i fail at everything. everyone who's been waiting for their orders forever will get an extra present as an apology.

i’m going to go shopping a little later, get my dad a present. we were going to post it all today but obvs that’s not going to happen. carl said i should go tomorrow but i don’t want to, sunday is my day and i don’t want to even think about leaving the house tomorrow. and we've been fighting too. i hate this week, i wish it was christmas already.

i wish there was a website you can check yesterday’s weather on so you can actually tell what today’s forecast means. fuck if i know what 8 celcius feels like. i want to wear the blue vintage dress i got from zara at the swap party, but i think it's probably way too cold for anything that pretty for at least a couple of months. which fucking sucks. i feel so disgusting and ugly lately that it's not funny. a face cracked from rough tissues doesn't help the matters at all.


frl.zucker said...

oh no, GET WELL SOON! big hugs!

stina said...

i have two words for you that help me stay alive and somewhat pretty during this dreadful weather: wool stockings! they're warmer than a pair of jeans, believe it or not.

feel better soon dear.

tukru loves you said...


they don't really do wool tights in this wretched country. it's like they all forget it gets cold in here. (i know it's not as cold as back home, but it's really fucking windy which makes it 10398479853479 times worse. also, they seem to not be able to do heating. winter makes me hate england a lot.)

i must ask mummy to post me some. poor mama, she keeps having to post me things. like aino slippers, rye bread and finnish-swedish dictionaries. x