Sunday, December 06, 2009


i went to zara's house last night with sara & danielle and we had a clothes swap party with x factor and other saturday night telly in the background. it was most excellent and i came home with a great haul. more stuff than i went there with.. oh well. at least it's new nicer crap. fuck clearing out, just swap crap for crap. i'll post more comprehensively about this tomorrow when i've managed to take pictures of the excellent things i brought home. though i can mention i am the proud owner of a pair of irregular choice clogs. irregular choice is my favourite brand of shoes, they are just mental. but mostly highly unpractical with high heels and i really can't do high heels. so i'm a happy lady.

i was going to take pictures of some of the stuff i got today while it was sunday afternoon and carl was at oxfam all day but i somehow didn't manage that, as usual. i didn't even manage to tidy up the bedroom, but i did do a big load of washing at least.

it's suddenly got 11pm again. that means i should get off the internet and wind down ready for bed. back to work tomorrow. do not want, but do i ever. i'd rather just stay home, cuddle my boy and tidy that bedroom once he's sorted his bits out, but a girl's got to make moneys to pay the fucking rent etc. sigh. at least i'm hating it somewhat slightly less than usual. not sure why, we're actually massively busy and you can't move in the shop for people with prams. i hate prams. and i hate people.

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