Sunday, December 06, 2009


julie was here yesterday. we went to rochester to see the uncomfortable crowd that is called dickens weekend. i like the strange people dressed up all dickensian etc but i do not like the crowds. i took pictures and got all nerdy and probably annoyed julie a bit.. i took quite a few pictures.

this was actually on the way. there was a massive parade / army / something of people on scooters. including this festive piece of genius. that alone made my fucking day.

i went to dickens fest last year (i think...) with emma, and i christened the old gentleman with big grey beard dumbledore. he was rather excellent and charming!

julie is a ghost in the dickens house museum whatever it is.

the magic lantern!

can someone please tell me who /what he's supposed to be? my dickens knowledge is very limited.

we also did other things, such as julie acted as a second opinion on new winter lady boots, we watched simpsons & american dad, made tasty roasted butternut squash & blue cheese risotto & talked about stuff. you know. the usual. and then i had to run her to the train back to clapham.

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Anonymous said...

I assume that guy is the ghost of Christmas present:)