Monday, December 14, 2009


1. i got another parcel from mum. last week i got a big box of christmas presents and finnish sweets, and today i got a little one with something mum forgot to put in the big box; my nan's old aino slippers. my mum can't wear them cos she's got one leg shorter than the other so she needs special shoes. and i guess special slippers too. i'm absolutely in love with them, i'm wearing them right now! and they're a perfect fit. i guess big feet run in the family. (i'm an 8)

2. my parcel of zines finally reached ciara of paper trail distro & crabigail adams. i was starting to get worried, after two months. this is why i dislike sending surface mail but unfortunately the parcel would have been ridiculously expensive via airmail. 40 zines is not as light as you'd think. hopefully this means nicole of click clack distro will get her parcel soon too! i also enjoyed reading ciara's description of me and maranda's split zine, those had dropped in her mail box too.. (maranda's taking care of the us distros, it's about 100 times easier that way. and cheaper)

3. i went on a the ark related video rampage on youtube (half of which has ended up on my tumblr) and am swimming in nostalgia. i love that band. i'm not sure it's right that i think this is the perfect love song.

anyway, a re-run of last week's QI is on! we somehow managed to miss it on thursday..

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