Sunday, December 06, 2009


there was an exhibition of the local miniatures club's collection / work at the dickens house museum whatever it is. and they had the most amazing little piece of work i had ever seen. a lady called jeanne smart (at least i think it was jeanne..) had made a little secret garden based on the book. it had the book as the walls of the garden and it was just so gorgeous and detailed.. unfortunately photographs do not do justice. it was very dark and the glass dome it was in didn't make things any easier. but believe me it was the most beautiful thing i've ever seen. that lady is my hero, i wanna be just like her! she'd made it all by hand, the tree was a grapes skeleton she'd glued tidy paper leaves she'd cut her self etc etc.

there were some other lovely miniatures, mainly dolls houses exhibited there.

it's a dolls house in a dolls house!

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crabigailadams said...

i love these photos. i have a bit of an obsession with dollhouses!